The Way St James by Bike: Ponferrada

The Way St James by Bike: Ponferrada

The Way of St James French by bike: Ponferrada – Santiago de Compostela



DAY 1:
Arrival to Ponferrada and accommodation in Hotel** (double/triple/single) with AB/HB

DAY 2:

Breakfast and route Ponferrada – Cebreiro 53 Km
Accommodation in Hostel** with AB/HB. Lunch in the route, it depend of the speed. Free afternoon.
Luggage transport arrange between accommodations

DAY 3:

Breakfast and route Cebreiro – Portomarin 62 Km
Accommodation in Hotel** with AB/HB. Lunch in the route, it depend of the speed. Free afternoon.
Luggage transport arrange between accommodations

DAY 4:
Breakfast and route Portomarin – Arzúa 53 Km
Accommodation in Hostel*** with AB/HB. Lunch in the route, it depend of the speed. Free afternoon.
Luggage transport arrange between accommodations

DAY 5:

Breakfast and route Arzúa – Santiago de Compostela 39 Km
Accommodation in Hotel*** with AB/HB. Lunch in the route, it depend of the speed. Free afternoon.
Luggage transport arrange between accommodations

DAY 6:
Breakfast and departure from hotel at 12.00h
End of services

Download the program in pdf: PROGRAMA REF. VE-20


  • Prices and services are included in the PRICE section
  • Description about the choosen accommodation are in the ACCOMMODATION section
  • All the frequently questions are in the QUESTIONS section


  • In the section RSERVAS, fill in the fields and send the form
  • By phone: +0034 966 424 792
  • Email: /


  • Once we have received your booking form, we will respond within a maximum of 24 hours (on working days).
  • We will then send you a pro-forma invoice so you can pay your deposit of 100€ per person, and tell you what steps to take depending upon your chosen method of payment, either a bank account number so you can make a transfer, or how to pay by card.
  • You should pay the balance 30 days before the start of your trip. We will contact you again to send you the invoice, with the deposit of 100€ already paid deducted from the total.
  • Once we have received full payment, we will send you all the paperwork you need for your trip to your email address.


  • Bank transfer
  • Postal order (Western Union)
  •  Credit card

You can check the GENERAL CONDICIONS


What type of hotels or other accommodation is there?   

Accommodation is in hotels or guest houses of two or three stars for the standard tours. Special tours tend to be in large country guest houses or hotels of three to five stars. Consult this modality.

Where are the hotels based?   

The accommodation is found in different towns and villages along the pilgrimage route. Unless stated otherwise, all hotels are easy to reach on foot. Some rural hotels and guest houses are outside the towns, so you will have to make diversions off the established footpaths. Where this arises, we’ll let you know. 

Is it possible to get details of the hotels before booking?     

We work with various hotels and guest houses in each town and village. On the group tour, we can let you know beforehand which ones have been designated for your trip.

Single, double or triple rooms?

A single room has one bed; a double room has a double bed and a triple room has three separate beds. For the latter, availability will need to be checked first.

Do all rooms have their own, private bathrooms?  

All rooms are booked with a private bathroom, unless otherwise stated.

Will the hotels have Wi-Fi or internet access? 

Some hotels will have Wi-Fi or internet access, but not all of them. When you get your trip programme, a few weeks before you start, we’ll tell you in full detail about each of your hotels.

Do the hotels provide bed-linen and towels, or do I have to bring my own? 

All hotels provide bed-linen and towels. You don’t need to bring a sleeping-bag.

Should I advise the hotel about what time I will arrive? 

If you’re going to get to your shelter after 19.00hrs, please let them know in advance. Check-in time is normally after 13.00h in the afternoon and the check-out is before 9.00h

Can I upgrade my accommodation? 

In some towns and villages, it is possible to book hotels of a higher category for an extra charge. Please ask us for more information and we will offer you an upgrade wherever possible.

What is a country guest house, or Pazo? 

Pazo is an historic building made of stone or granite. Some have gardens and swimming pools for relaxing in. Our selection of accommodation is based upon the character and level of tranquillity of the area and complex, meaning Pazos are often outside the towns (2-5 kilometres away) with limited access. The quality is considerably higher than that of a hotel. All rooms have their own bathrooms; the interior décor is original and tasteful, with ancient exposed beams and original, classical furnishings.

You can see the accommodation: HERE



From Barcelona you can go by car if you take the Motorway of Northeast, after the Motorway Vasco-Aragonesa, after the Carriageway Camino de Santiago and to end the Carriageway of Northeast. From Madrid you can take the Motorway of the Northeast and finally the Carriageway of the Northeast.

If you start the trip in Valencia, you have to take the Carriageway of the East, after the Motorway of Ocaña-La Roda, you take the Motorway of the Northeast and finally the Motorway of the Northwest.

If you start the trip in Bilbao, you take the Carriageway Vasco-Aragonesa, after the Motorway of the North, you take the Carriageway Camino de Santiago, link with the Motorway of León-Asorga and finally with the Carriageway of the Northeast.


You can arrive by high speed train (AVE) from Barcelona to Ponferrada, with duration of 9 hs. 20 min. the cost is 72€.
From Madrid to Ponferrada with AVE, has duration of 6 hs. 40 min, the cost is 37€ approximately. From Bilbao to Ponferrada, has a cost of 35€ and the duration is 6 hs. 20 min. Consult the schedule in RENFE


From Barcelona to Ponferrada, has a cost of 52€ approximately and the duration are 11 hs. 30 min. If you start the trip in Madrid, you arrive to Ponferrada with 4 hs. 30 min. and the cost is 26€. The schedules of departures change depend the cities. Consult the schedule in

What is the group programme? 

You’ll be part of an organised tour group, the dates of which will have been set in advance. There’ll be a tour guide and a support vehicle for the group throughout the trip. Accommodation, meals and equipment transport are the same for both types of tour, both the group trip and the self-guided tailor-made trip. You can join a group on your own or with other people.
If you have your own group of six or more people, we can arrange specific dates with a private tour guide for you.

What is the tailor-made trip? 

This is a self-guided tour and you do not form part of an organised group. The dates are flexible, so you can choose when to go. You won’t have a guide, nor a support vehicle. Accommodation, meals and equipment transport are the same for both types of tour, the group one or the tailor-made trip.

Whom will I be pedaling with? 

You can pedaling alone or with any other person who books to go with you. At high season in particular, there tend to be a lot more people walking, so you will almost certainly get to know and to see other people every day.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people for tailor-made trips? 

No, there’s no minimum or maximum number of people for tailor-made trips.


What does half-board (HB) mean? 

Half-board includes breakfast and evening meal. Most hotels offer a lunchtime menu. Generally, a first and second course with a series of choices for each, plus dessert, wine and water are offered.

Can I just book HB? 

If you prefer reserve the lunch, please let us know when you book so we will add in the program.

What times are meals served? 

Evening meals are usually served from 20.00hrs onwards, but this may vary according to the hotel. Upon arrival, ask at the reception desk about times for breakfast and evening meals.

Is lunch included in the programme? 

No, lunch is not included since, almost certainly, you’ll be walking at this time of day. If you wish, we can include picnic lunches at 10€ per person per day. These are prepared by the hotels and generally include a sandwich or baguette, fruit, a bar of chocolate and a drink.

I have specific dietary requirements. 

If you have special dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know when you book so that we can advise the hotels. If you are wheat-intolerant or need a gluten-free diet, it is best to bring your own bread, since not all hotels can offer gluten-free bread.


Transporting luggage 

Your luggage must be in the hotel reception area by 08.30hrs each morning. In general, it will be delivered to your next stop before 14.30hrs each day.

Who carries my luggage? 

Luggage carrying is by companies we work with and, sometimes, by the hotels themselves. In some hotels, it may be that the hotel is not familiar with the system because it has been organised independently of them.

What is the maximum luggage weight allowed? 

Luggage transport is limited to one bag or suitcase per person with a maximum weight of 15 kilos each. You can arrange to transport extra luggage by paying a supplement. Please contact us to discuss if this is the case.


For the tailor-made tour, when will I receive my package with my programme? 

You will receive your detailed programme within one week of completing your booking. It will be sent to the postal address you give us on the booking form.

What does the programme include? 

Each programme includes: reservation slips for hotels; route maps; general information about the pilgrimage route; maps; one luggage label per person, and a pilgrimage accreditation per person.

Where will I receive my programme? 

We’ll send your programme to your address or that of the person who made the booking, unless there is not enough time to do so. If this is the case, we will send it to you by email. Please let us know which you prefer.

How will my programme package be sent to me? 

Programme packages are sent by recorded delivery.


Is transport to the start of the tour included? 

For the tailor-made tour, we do not book or include transport to the starting point, but we can provide you with information about the best ways of getting there, depending upon your destination and where you are coming from. For the group tour with set dates, you have the option to book transport from Madrid or to go directly to the start of the tour yourself.


Are there cafés, restaurants and shops to buy food and drinks along the route?

In most towns and villages along the route you can buy sandwiches and drinks. The route plans tell you where the bars, restaurants and shops are that you can buy food and drinks.

Are there toilets en route? 

In general, you can use the toilets in bars, shops and restaurants en route, although sometimes you may need to buy something there to be able to use the bathrooms.

Is there drinking water en route? 

Along the route, there are springs and fountains, but we recommend you do not drink from these as the water is untreated. You will have bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and vending machines at your disposal to buy bottled water without any problems.

Do I have to take a sleeping bag, bed-linen and towels? 

Your hotels will provide bed-linen and towels, so you don’t need to take  your own.

Is there Wi-Fi or internet access en route? 

Some hotels, towns or villages will have Wi-Fi or internet access, but not all. You can check which hotels offer this service when you receive your programme a few weeks before setting off. You will spend a lot of time in rural areas, meaning internet access will be limited.

Will I get a signal on my mobile phone en route? 

In many areas, and, in general, in the towns, you will get a mobile phone signal. As you will be mainly walking in rural areas, the signal may be limited at times.

Is there public transport en route in case I cannot walk the entire stage? 

In some areas, there is public transport between towns, but not in all. It depends upon where in town, and what connections are available. Check with us beforehand or, when you are there, ask at your hotel about local bus and train services. Where there is no public transport, the alternative is to use a taxi.

Is there parking in Santiago, or in the town I’ll be setting off from? 

In Santiago, there are a number of free parking spaces. There are also secure paid-for car parks in various parts of the city. Your hotel in Santiago will provide parking for a daily fee. Check with us in advance for the various options.


Do you offer bike hire? 

Yes, we offer the option of renting bicycles. CONSULT THE PRICE

What type of bikes? 

We offer various models of mountain bike. Check with us for further information.

What type of pedals do the bikes have? 

The pedals are standard ones with aluminium foot-rests. Automatic pedals are not available.

What equipment is included? 

The standard package includes a standard-model moountain bike (18 gears), a helmet, and a water bottle.

Can you hire extra equipment? 

There is additional equipment available for hire (saddlebags, bottle-racks, travel-bags, and so forth). Contact us for further information.

Do I have to pick the bike up, or will it be delivered to me? 

Your bike will be delivered to your first hotel the night before you start your trip. You will have to attach the pedals and adjust the handlebars yourself (tools and instructions are included, and it is not difficult).

Can I use my own bike and equipment? 

Yes, if you wish to bring your own bike and technical parts, no problem.

Will I be biking along rough paths, or along roads? 

You’ll be riding along a combination of paths and roads, depending upon the terrain, your level of physical fitness and how many people you are travelling with. Some parts of the pilgrim’s route are suitable for cyclists, but others are not because the going is too tough or the paths too narrow.

Where do I leave my bike when I’ve finished? 

When you’ve finished, leave your bike in your last hotel.

Will anyone put my bike together for me? 

No, nobody will put the bike together, but this normally involves tightening the handlebars and fitting the pedals, and is not difficult.

Where do I leave my bike overnight? 

You’ll leave your bike in your hotel overnight. The bike will be in a secure place, but please advise the reception staff as soon as you arrive that you have a bike with you.

How many kilometres per day will I ride on my bike? 

The exact distance varies day by day, depending upon the terrain and how far it is between the main towns. The distance ranges from 40 to 80 kilometres per day. We can personalise your trip with shorter stages if you prefer.

If I suffer an injury, or one day I’m too tired to carry on, what do I do? 

If you are injured or you’re tired and can’t complete a stage, you can take a taxi to your hotel and ask them to bring your bike as well. If you don’t think you can continue on your bike for the rest of the trip, let us know. Your hotels will still be the same ones.

What happens if I get a puncture or a problem with the bike? 

Please check your bike when you receive it to ensure that it has not suffered any damage whilst being transported. We cannot be held liable for any damage not advised to us when the bicycle is collected. We recommend you bring a puncture repair kit with you to carry in your saddlebag.


If a stage of the route is very long, can I split it? 

This is possible where the programme description gives the option of splitting up a day. Ask before booking to get a price quotation.

Can I add extra nights to my programme? 

Yes, you can add as many extra nights as you wish to your programme.

Can I change my itinerary midway through the programme?

Generally, it is not possible to make changes once you have booked. If exceptional circumstances arise, ask us and we’ll help as much as possible. A change of booking may have a knock-on effect on the rest of the tour and increase the price.

Can I add rest days to my trip? 

Yes, you can add rest days by booking an extra night in any town or village.

Can I book myself taxis if I don’t want to walk on a given day? 

Yes, we’ll provide you with a list of services for each town. You can also ask for information at any one of the hotels you stay in.

Can I personalise my programme? 

Yes, you can personalise your programme. Let us know your preferences and we will do whatever we can to tailor a trip to your taste.

Can I start and finish in any location, or do I have to stick to a set itinerary? 

You can start and finish anywhere you wish, at the beginning, middle or end of the programme. However, we have organised the programmes so that they start and finish in large enough towns to give you access to the best methods of transport.

Can I exclude transport of food and luggage? 

Yes, you can exclude some services if you wish.


What does the price include? 

The price includes accommodation in hotels or guest houses with private bathrooms for the standard package, and hotels or Pazos – country guest houses – of three to five stars for the superior package; specified meals for each itinerary; transport of luggage between designated accommodation, and an information pack with notes, maps, luggage consignment tickets, pilgrimage accreditation and 24-hour assistance.

Are there any additional taxes and charges? 

No, there are no additional charges. The only elements that attract extra costs are services that you request specifically, such as airport transfers, taxis, extra nights, picnic lunches, hotel upgrades, additional packages, and so on.

What is the extra price for booking a single room? 

Single rooms in hotels carry an extra cost, which will be added when you book.


When do I pay the booking fee? 

A deposit must be paid when you book in order to reserve your place. Choose your preferred payment method on the booking form. Deposits are non-refundable.

How much is the booking deposit? 

The booking deposit is 100€ per person for both group tours and tailor-made tours.

When do I pay the balance?   

The balance should be paid a month before you set off. You’ll receive a notification by email or telephone to remind you.

Is there a charge for changing my booking? 

Once you have booked, there is a 30€ charge for any changes or alterations to the dates chosen. You will also need to wait for confirmation of the new dates selected.

What happens if I cancel my booking? 

If you cancel your booking, the following charges apply:
Cancellation more than 45 days before start of tour: 30% of full price
Cancellation between 10 and 30 days before start of tour: 50% of full price
Cancellation less than 10 days before start of tour: 100% of full price
We recommend you take out travel insurance before you start.


How do I choose my route? Which route is best? 

You can choose your trip according to your destination, chosen theme, difficulty rating, category, or duration. Information for each route offers a general description of the landscape and difficulty level. We can also help you to choose a route which is suitable for you.


What should I take with me? 

Comfortable trainers or walking shoes (but not brand-new ones).
Comfortable footwear for resting after a day’s walking.
A poncho for when it rains, or a raincoat which covers your rucksack.
Shorts or trousers for walking, short-sleeved T-shirts, a jumper, sweater or jacket for nights and various spare pairs of socks.
Hat or baseball cap, sunglasses and sun lotion.
Water bottle or flask.
A first-aid kit. Blisters, chafing and twisted ankles are the most common ailments.
Hiking poles.
All documentation clipped together for each of the stages, hotel booking slips and pilgrimage accreditation.                    

Which is the best month or time of year to make the trip? 

The time of year depends upon the route you wish to take. If you take the shorter, end routes of the pilgrimage which finish in Santiago de Compostela, the most popular and pleasant time is between April and June, or September. July and August tend to be much hotter, but continue to be popular. In general, northern Spain does not suffer the same extreme temperature found in the south. From late October to March, temperatures can be very low and there is a greater chance of rain in the Galicia region. It often snows during the winter months, but mainly in mountainous areas. Contact us for further information.

What transport methods should I use to get to the start of the route? 

For each case, we will give you detailed information according to where you are coming from and where your starting point is.

What is a pilgrimage accreditation, and a Compostelana?

This is an official document that proves you are a pilgrim. You can get this accreditation from the ecclesiastical authorities from any town or village or church along your route. This accreditation shows your name and where you started your trip from. Along the pilgrimage route, you can gradually add on stamps to show the official checkpoints you have passed through. Once you reach Santiago, you can obtain the Compostelana (a certificate to show you have completed the pilgrimage) at the Pilgrims’ Office, provided you have covered at least 100 kilometers.


  • Reception in Ponferrada double/Triple AB 385€
  • Note: the accommodation can change according the availability.


  • Accommodation in Hotel/Hostel of 2 and 3 stars
  • Breakfast (Coffee, infusion, bakery or toasts and natural juice)
  • Luggage transport between routes
  • Telephone assistance 24h
  • Travel Insurance
  • Sheet of Route and needed documentation
  • Credentials


Individual room 95€
HB (breakfast and dinner, except in Santiago) 75€
Extra nights in Santiago 45€
Bike and complements hire: CONSULT PRICE


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