Trekking & Climb Toubkal

Trekking & Climb Toubkal

Trekking & climb to Toubkal: Marrakech – imlil


Travel to Atlas Crown Top THE TOUBKAL

Probably we are in a zone of Morocco with the most variety of flora and fauna, in the large of the route we could see Oaks, Pines, Holm Oaks, Juniper, Herbaceous, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants these last are economic resources of a big part of the town although it is being replace to the intensive agriculture.

If we have lucky we will see large of predatory and it will be a good exercise to difference the types of Eagles: the Real, the Booted, of Bonelli, the Snake, the Partridge, Falcon… More difficult will be to see the gazelle of lubrer, wild boar…


DAY 1:
Arrival to Marrakech
Pick up in the airport by our team depending of the time, free time to know the secrets of the red city, to know its famous square Djemaa Lafna, its mosque, gardens…

DAY 2:
Marrakech – Imi Oughlad (1400 m) – Tizi Ousm (1850m)
After breakfast we will go to Imi Oughlad (1400m) where we will begin the route on foot and the first contact with the service group that accompany us during all the Trekking route (mountain guide, cooker, muleteer, mules). We begin to climb to the Tacht hill (2100m).
After, we will lower to Tizi Ousm (1850m). Accommodation and dinner in Bereber house. Day of 5 to 6 hours on foot.

 DAY 3:
Tizi Ousm (1850m) –  Tazaghart Refuge (3000m)
Breakfast and we begin the climb to the Irhoulidene falls to arrive to the Tazaghart Refuge (3000 m). We will enjoy the landscape and the panoramas that offer us the National Park and in some of them we will rest. In the agree time we will stop to have a lunch outdoor. Dinner and accommodation in the refuge. Day of 5 to 6 hours on foot.

DAY 4:
Tazaghart Refuge (3000m) – Tizi Ougualzim (3700m) – Neltner Refuge (3208m)
Breakfast in the refuge and we continue the voyage to the Tizi Ougualzim hill (3700m) From the site where we can see the Haouz plain and the Toubkal top. After, we low to the Neltner refuge (3208m) Dinner and accommodation in the refuge. Day of 5 to 6 hours on foot.

DAY 5:
Neltner Refuge (3208m) – Toubkal Top (4167m) – Imlil (1700m)- Marrakech
Breakfast in the refuge and climb to the Toubkal top (4167m.) the highest of the north Africa. The climb way begin with a gradient of approximately 200m, after it is more soften, when we arrive to 3700 m. and until 3850m. It returns to tip up, after we will find a crest and finally the edge that arrive to the top. After to see the landscape, we will come back to the refuge to have a lunch. After we will continue to take down to Imlil and transfer to Marrakech. Day of 7 to 8 hours on foot and 1:30h by car.

DAY 6:
Move to the airport
End of the services


Zone: Jbel Toubkal National Park (Morocco)
Type of Route: Trek
Difficulty: High in spring, summer and autumn. Very high in winter or with snow.
Distance: 52 Km
Minimum altitude: 1389 m
Maximum altitude: 4165 m
Accumulate gradient: 4843 m


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You can check the GENERAL CONDICIONS


Hotels or Riad, Gite d’etapa such refuges in High Mountain are establishments that we know since these are the establishments that we use always, the most of them, are managed for families of the zone so we contribute to the riches of the place. These are clean paces that are in good place.

In Marrakech we chose Hotel or Riad:

· HOTEL RIAD MOGADOR or similar.
· Riad Dar Maia or similar.

In the route
· Tazaghârt Refuge (Jacques de Lépiney) 3000 m.
· Tobkal Refuge (Louis Neltner) 3207 m.
· Particular house Bereber

The accommodation is in double room with bathroom or shower in Hotels or Riad.
In the Atlas we logged in Gite or refuge or bereberes houses. Normally are share rooms with shower and bathroom out.


To the first dinner we will offer you two posibilities dinner: in a reference Restaurant where you can taste the Moroccan high cook or a place more traditional where you can taste almost like in a Bereber house of the famous Taijine, brochette or the kefta with the bereber style.
During the route, our team will do lunches with different types of salads, fruits and tea, also it is offer the provisioning during the trek.

In dinners of the route, you can taste the typical bereber food, more simple that the Arabic food, but delicious, varied with other tips of meals, pasta or rice.

The rest of meals don’t included coincide with urban zones. So you can choose many options, with different prices with the different specialities. And if you prefer to carry your own meal it is ok

Morocco has many specialities: cous-cous, tajines of meat, chicken o vegetables, kefta (mincemeat with hamburger form grilled), the pastella (cake meat), pinchitos and tea. Alcoholic drinks only can be offer in authoritative restaurants.


Morocco is an Islamic country although very tolerant. But the alcoholic drinks only can be offer in authoritative bars and restaurants. In the last years have increased the offer and Morocco has become in a producer country of wine and beer. In interior vineyards (Fez, Meknes) and in the Atlantic coast is produced each time better wines managed by Franches entrepreneurs. Wine such the Medaillon, the Cap Blanc, the Siroua are excellent. Beers are very good and between them we find the “Casablanca”, the “Special Flag” and the traditional “Stork”.


The Moroccan money is the Dirham. 1 Euro is equal that 10 Dirhams approximately. We recommend change the money in the country, our guides offers you different alternatives to do easily and with good change.


Snow and cold Winter, autumn and spring. Possibilities of bad weather in some moments, pleasant temperature in summer.


Bag 40 or 50 litres
Sleeping bag
Frontal lantern
Trekking or mountain Boots (shoes no)
*crampons, *ice ax, walking stick (advisable in winter)
Lip and solar protector, cap, sunglasses
Thin gloves, winter gloves
Waterproof jacket and trousers like gore-tex
Thin trousers like schoeller
Shelter clothing like primalof
Replacement clothing, a small toilet bag with towel, soap…


Our style of trip…
This is a sportive trip, but we don’t want that you come back without know the ancestral culture and form of life, we want to show you our house and that you will be the guest. For the type of route is necessary to be on fit and an open skill since some day we sleeping in a small village in the house of some habitant, for this reason we will have the choses like them, Refuges are more comfortable and Gites too. We will work to all go good, only we demand respect to a culture and form of life that probably don’t share. We advise you that don’t give candies nor tip to the children, we will be foment like if we will be purses and they won’t go to the school, if you want to contribute, our guides present you the responsible of each tribe, professors or doctors to they charge of your presents.


Passport with a minimum of 6 month availability


Price 2 persons: 545€ per person
Price 5 persons: 455€ per person
Price 10 persons: 431€ per person


· Transfer Airport/Hotel or Riad/Airport
· Move to Marrakech/beginning route/Marrakech.
· 2 Nights of hotel or Riad in Marrakech with AB.
· Full board during the route.
· Bottling water during the trip
· Dried fruits + dates + fruits to the days on food
· Mountain guide in Spanish during the trip.
· Cooker, muleteer to the route.
· Lunches and Dinners in Marrakech.
· Travel secure.


Supplement accommodation in individual room (optional and according to the availability): 45€

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